Eminem has a secret homelife - he's a doting dad to two girls and his brother.

The rapper is a father to his own biological daughter HAILIE and he has custody of his niece and his younger brother.

Speaking to ROLLING STONE magazine, he admits that being able to take care of his brother is one of his proudest achievements because he remembers tearful days when he had to leave him in foster care.

He says, "I've seen my little brother bounce around a lot from foster home to foster home. My little brother was taken away by the state when he was eight, nine. I was 23.

"When he was taken away I always said if I ever get in a position to take him, I would take him. I tried to apply for full custody when I was 20, but I didn't have the means. I couldn't support him.

"I watched him when he was in the foster home. He was so confused. I mean, I cried just goin' to see him at the foster home."

Meanwhile, Eminem - real name MARSHALL MATHERS - also dotes on his ex-wife KIM's niece.

He adds, "(We) watched her bounce around from house to house just watching the cycle of dysfunction. It was like, 'Man, if I get in position, I'm gonna stop all this s**t.' And I got in position and did."

11/11/2004 02:33