Rap superstar Eminem has vowed never to marry again - after speaking for the first time about his heartbreaking divorce from childhood sweetheart KIM SCOTT.

The LOSE YOURSELF star first met Kim when they were both teenagers and their 11 year relationship produced his only child, daughter HAILIE, 7.

And despite their attempts to rekindle their love earlier this year (03), Eminem is now sure that they are finished for good, a fact that makes him very sad.

He says, "Divorce is the hardest thing I've ever worked through. Not that I'm bitter or anything like that. I'm a better person because I went through it but it was hard at first.

"I've known this chick all my life - she's the first true girlfriend that I've ever had. You grow up with this person, then they want to leave you. At first you don't know what to do.

"You put the blame on everything. I put the blame on myself, my career. But as I got through it, I stepped back and looked at the whole picture. I realised it wasn't my fault - there was nothing I could have done.

"It's cool. Me and Kim are on speaking terms. We can communicate, no hard feelings. It just didn't work. No more marriage. I don't want to experience that again."

30/07/2003 02:28