Eminem is convinced he only became hip-hop's biggest superstar because he's white.

The blond CLEANING OUT MY CLOSET hitmaker works in a traditionally black environment, and believes he would have sold far less records if he wasn't such a novelty as a Caucasian MC.

He explains, "It's obvious to me that I sold double the records because I'm white. In my heart I truly believe I have a talent, but at the same time I'm not stupid.

"I know, when I first came out especially, being produced by Dr Dre made it cool and acceptable for white kids to like me.

"In the suburbs, the white kids have to see black people liking you or they won't like you. You need that foundation of legitimacy.

"THE BEASTIE BOYS - they had respect from the hip-hop community and that's what made them."

08/08/2003 17:18