Eminem has been urged to leave his ex-wife for good before she ruins him - by the man who claims to have discovered the controversial rapper.

Former best pal BRIAN HERMON, who spotted MARSHALL MATHERS III's talent on the streets of Detroit, Michigan, is pleading with his old friend to dump troubled KIM MATHERS - who he accuses of being a manipulative trouble-maker.

Kim - mother of the MY NAME IS star's seven-year-old daughter HAILIE - was arrested last week (ends13JUN03) for suspected possession of cocaine. And the pair have reportedly been embroiled in a series of bitter rows over the past several months.

Hermon says, "Kim is like Yoko Ono. She will ruin everything for him and he will be back on the streets he tried so hard to escape."

Hermon claims he fell out with Eminem after Kim came on to him - and turned her down.

He continues, "His career was doing great, then he got back with Kim recently and it is all going wrong again. He failed to show at the AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS, he didn't show at the People's Choice Awards. It is her getting her fingernails into him again.

"Look at her track record - drugs in the car and Eminem was in court for pistol-whipping a guy who kissed her. She set up the whole thing to make him made. Every time things go wrong, she is behind it."

20/06/2003 09:23