Rapper Eminem has made sure he travels in style by kitting out his GMC YUKON XL SUV 'SHADY-mobile' with Lear Jet leather seats and the latest technology.

The hip-hop hero even has seats with built-in massagers, 24 inch (61 centimetres) high-definition TV monitors and a state-of-the-art Alpine sound system to make his wheels extra special.

Eminem admits he doesn't even know how some of the gadgets in the back of his car work, but he's just impressed he no longer has to drive around in a LINCOLN TOWNCAR - similar to the one his character drives in hit movie 8 MILE.

He explains, "That was my first car, a 1979 Lincoln Towncar, and I remember this one time I was on the freeway and I was going onto the ramp and the engine just cut out.

"Everything would just lock - the steering, the brakes. I thought we were going to die."

08/09/2003 09:08