Eminem is threatening to quit rap if violence between his friends and peers doesn't stop.

The rapper admits he was "disgusted" by violence that marred the VIBE MUSIC AWARDS on Monday night (15NOV04) and worries that silly rivalries between hip-hop stars will spiral out of control.

Eminem, who has been warring with Ja Rule for the past 18 months after the New Yorker named his rival's daughter HAILLIE in a song, is calling for a blanket truce - before a star is killed.

He says, "I lose a lot of sleep thinking about just stuff like that - trying to maintain certain amount of fame and wanting to be able to have a label and be able to create a whole food chain but also, at the same time, wanting to be a father.

"If there ever comes a day that I would have to pick one or the other I already know what it would be... I would walk away from all of this if I had to... for my little girl."

19/11/2004 02:17