Eminem is being sued by two motorists who claim they were injured in a seven-vehicle pile-up involving the rapper's tour bus.

Eminem was not on the bus at the time of the Missouri accident on 13 July (05), but that fact hasn't stopped a Michigan lorry driver and his wife to include the rapper in their new lawsuit.

BRECK and TINA WYNGARDEN (corr) claim they both suffered injuries as a result of the crash, which took place when bus driver CHARLIE DILLIGARD lost control of his vehicle as he drove DJ ALCHEMIST and Eminem's protege Stat Quo to an Anger Management 3 tour date.

And the couple is seeking unspecified damages from the rapper, his tour bus company, Entertainment Coaches of America, and Dilligard for injuries, medical expenses and lost wages.

The suit, filed on Thursday (25AUG05), charges the accident occurred because Dilligard was "traveling (sic) at an excessive rate of speed."

This is the second suit filed against the ailing rapper in the past month - his relatives JACK and BETTY SCHMIDT have also filed suit against Eminem, claiming he's trying to evict them from a home he gave them as a gift.