Rapper Eminem is being sued by a 70-year-old grandmother who claims he sampled a song written by her late husband without permission.

HARLENE STEIN is furious the controversial star didn't credit her spouse on his track GUILTY CONSCIENCE, which she says contains the tune PIGS GO HOME - a song her husband RONALD penned for 1970s movie GETTING STRAIGHT.

Stein also wants to file cases against Eminem's producer Dr Dre as well as the REAL SLIM SHADY star's music publishing companies and record label.

While her case doesn't specify any damages, Stein could land a huge payout because the SLIM SHADY LP - the 1999 album on which the alleged copyright infringement occurs - has shifted nearly five million copies.

It marks the second time Eminem's songs have landed him in strife. In 2001 his old school pal filed a $1 million (GBP625,000) lawsuit against him, claiming the rapper's tune BRAIN DAMAGE - which named the defendant DeANGELO BAILEY as an abusive bully - damaged his reputation and his own ability to launch a music career.

17/09/2003 02:33