Eminem starred in a commercial for the car manufacturer 'Chrysler' during yesterday's Super Bowl broadcast (6th February 2011) and the two-minute ad is already being considered as one of the evening's finest.
EMINEM, the Detroit rapper who will be looking to scoop a string of Grammy Awards at this week's ceremony, starred in a commercial for car manufacturer 'Chrysler' during last night's Super Bowl. He also featured as an animated version of himself in a stop-motion ad for 'Lipton Brisk' iced tea.Each year there is invariably much interest placed on the 'Super Bowl commercials', and they are infamous for their inflated cost. A 30-second commercial in any 'quarter interval' can cost up to $3 million. Chrysler aired their ad for the '200' model during the third quarter of yesterday's game, which featured the rapper driving around the streets of Detroit in the luxury car. The 38-year-old was listening to his hit track 'Lose Yourself', before stepping out of the vehicle and standing in front of a choir, he then proclaimed, "This is the Motor City, this is what we do".
The self-titled 'Biggest Show on Earth' was eventually won by the Green Bay Packers.