Eminem fears he may have cost US presidential wannabe John Kerry vital votes last November (04) because he didn't get his emotive single MOSH out sooner.

The rapper released the anti-GEORGE W BUSH single and accompanying video just before the election, but he fears he could have swung the vote against the President if the track was released two weeks earlier.

He says, "I do got a little bit of regrets about that. We got it out there as soon as we could. It was one of the first songs we mixed.

"We were trying to get JUST LOSE IT out there. We didn't want to get Mosh out there and come off too political. Eminem's never been too political. I never been the militant-type political rapper.

"We did our best to get it out as soon as we could. But do I wish it could have come out two weeks earlier? Yes."

11/01/2005 02:35