Hip-hop superstar Eminem has angered fans after reportedly pulling out of his rap collective D12's American tour.

The REAL SLIM SHADY hitmaker is focusing on solo projects and will not be joining BIZARRE, PROOF, KON ARTIS, SWIFT and KUNIVA on stage next month (JUN04), according to British newspaper DAILY STAR.

A source explains, "Eminem desperately wanted to spend the month touring America with his close friends and colleagues but he has just too much stuff on.

"Obviously he feels a duty to his fans to perform, especially as they have paid money to see him, but he feels it is just not appropriate."

The MY BAND hitmakers begin the tour on 19 June (04) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Angry Eminem devotees have posted notes on fan sites, complaining the only reason they bought tickets was to see the rapper himself.

One fan moans, "It just seems totally out of order that I have spent all that money on a ticket and Eminem isn't even going to be there."

25/05/2004 02:06