Rapper Eminem has become the latest star to poke fun at Janet Jackson and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - in his new D-12 video MY BAND he can be seen ripping off portly bandmate BIZARRE's nipple star.

The heavyweight star is seen ripping the microphone out of Eminem's hand during a boy band segment in the promo, and then proceeds to rip off his white suit to reveal a shiny green leotard.

Eminem dives back into the frame, embraces his pal and rips off his nipple jewellery - copying Timberlake's actions at the Super Bowl half-time show last month (FEB04), when the pop star ripped open Jackson's bodice open to reveal a bare breast.

Bizarre also spoofs Eminem's protege 50 CENT in the video - the chubby rapper recreates 50's IN DA CLUB video by appearing to hang upside down from a beam in his gym.

The cheeky video also features Eminem getting a massage from a team of sexy ladies and scenes of the nearly naked rap superstar on a tanning bed.

Modern technology also allows Eminem to double up as two trailer trash fans who want to bed him backstage in the video.

19/03/2004 09:25