Eminem decided to unveil personal home videos of his family for the new video to his track MOCKINGBIRD because he feels as though he owes a constant debt to his fans.

Ex-wife Kim Mathers, daughter HAILIE and niece LANEY, as well as the SLIM SHADY superstar himself, are featured as Eminem raps about his tough days as a dad having to explain Kim's incarceration for drug offences to the young girls.

He tells MTV, "We went into the old home footage and you're gonna see my daughter and my niece and how they kinda grew up together from the cradle... It's basically real footage. This is the first and last time I'm gonna do it.

"I felt like with the song Mockingbird that it introduced such a visual already that you couldn't make it (any way) otherwise...

"Anybody who respects me as an artist knows I've let 'em into my personal life so much, probably more than any artist out there. I feel like I owe it to my fans. It's like a little shotgun in the chest, a little tearjerker."

22/02/2005 09:27