Eminem has recorded a collaboration with resurgent rappers BOO YAA TRIBE to call for peace and togetherness in the hip-hop world.

The superstar produced as well as rhymed on 911 - also featuring CYPRESS HILL's B-REAL - which highlights the current inflammatory nature of the rap community.

Eminem's lyrics include, "Hip-hop is in a state of 911/It feels like any minute the bomb is about to go off."

The track will be included on the Tribe's comeback album WEST KOASTA NOSTRA, which tries to promote unity, rather than conflict, according to band member GODFATHER.

He explains, "It's all about mutual respect. (Eminem) sees the struggle we go through and he wants to give back. A lot of people want to pay him big money to do this, but he feels us. His whole concept is that he only wants to f*** with real people.

"Our thing is we don't have no beef with nobody, so I wanted to bring it together."

Referring to the controversial Death Row Records founder MARION 'SUGE' KNIGHT, Godfather adds, "You got one man playing God because he's got all the money in the world, but the rest of us don't got it like that," although he also states he has "a cool relationship with big Suge".

14/07/2003 17:24