New videogame DJ HERO has inspired rappers JAY-Z and Eminem to become celebrity record spinners.
The two superstars are endorsing the game's Renegade Edition, which features a compilation of their hits, and they've become hooked.
And playing the virtual DJ has prompted both to drop the microphone and hit the decks.
Eminem says, "As soon as I master it (game), it's going to be fun, because then I'm gonna get my a** in the studio and I'm gonna start learning how to scratch. And then, at live shows, I'll be my own DJ, run up in the booth, throw the record on, run down and rap."
And Jay-Z tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I think after a year with DJ Hero I'm gonna start DJ-ing parties like Q-Tip and all them. Then I'm gonna find out who makes the most as a DJ. I'm gonna charge double. I'm gonna tour bar-mitzvahs and weddings."