Controversial hip-hop star EMINEM revealed a softer side to his personality during a recent trip to Britain by spending $108,000 (GBP60,000) on beauty products.

The 31-year-old favoured goods made by M-ACTIV after he sent out members of his entourage to scope out London's top salons and treatment centres.

An insider in the JUST LOSE YOURSELF star's camp confides, "It's quite funny because no-one thinks of Marshall as the posing, pampering sort. But he's quite concerned with his appearance - more so really because he's in the public eye and subjected to a gruelling working regime.

"When he arrived in London from the MTV AWARDS in Rome, Marshall was really affected by the cold and asked us to find something for his skin. He knew the gig on (permanently moored ship) HMS Belfast would be cold and wanted to protect himself.

"But when he tried M-ACTIV's stuff, he asked for vanloads from the whole range. I think he reckons the brand's scientific spin makes it a bit more macho. No one can call Marshall a wuss. He just wants to keep looking good and reckons it takes years off him."

01/12/2004 13:43]