London's top hotels are refusing to let Eminem and his D12 bandmates stay when they arrive in the British capital this week - because they have made too many demands.

The blond rapper is due to join D12 onstage for a one-off gig in the city on Thursday (8APR04) - but London's top hotels are reluctant to accommodate the hip-hoppers during their flying visit, after they made a series of extravagant, and potentially noisy, demands.

According to British newspaper the DAILY STAR, the group require a separate floor for a party of 30 people, loud hi-fi systems in every room, blacked out windows, and a private elevator.

A source tells the Star, "They still haven't found anywhere to stay and it's getting a bit tight for time now.

"Everyone is so worried, but it's only fair that a star the size of Eminem will demand to have a bit space to himself so he can chill out.

"They are also planning to write music while they are over from America.

"Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that one suitable hotel in London will become available for them to stay in."

06/04/2004 14:08