Rap superstar Eminem flew back to America in the middle of a European tour - to try and win custody of his daughter HAILIE.

The WITHOUT ME singer was in the middle of his Anger Management tour when he found out his ex-wife Kim Mathers had been arrested on alleged cocaine possession last month (JUN03).

So Eminem got the first flight back to Detroit so he could file papers with child protection authorities in an attempt to gain full custody of the seven-year-old - before flying back to Europe to continue the tour.

A source says, "Eminem is worried sick that Hailie could wind up in a foster home.

"He filed his papers to get custody even before Kim was charged. He is afraid of what might happen if Kim is sent to prison.

"Although Eminem has a reputation of being a foul-mouthed badboy who raps about murder and mayhem, he is a big softie at heart."

27/07/2003 14:49