Eminem's D12 bandmates have taken up fishing and practising yoga after the rapper advised them to change their lifestyles with relaxing hobbies.
The group was rocked when bandmember Proof was killed in 2006 and that same year (06) Swift was jailed for violating the terms of his probation.
Eminem has since been encouraging his friends to move on from the turbulent events by eliminating stress from their lives - and rapper Bizarre is thankful for the star's advice, because he's now changed his lifestyle dramatically to focus on his family.
He tells Scotland's Daily Record, "I've been going through a stressful time and Em and the guys know we need to have downtime. He's been giving me advice. These days I'm a big fisherman and family guy. I'm also a big lottery player. I've been to yoga too after Em showed me it, but the fishing I do on my own...
"I'm a little more serious than I used to be after all we've been through. The loss of Proof, the group going through some life-changing things and me having a daughter means I'm more responsible. I'm not the rock star I used to be. I can't, for example, play my music loudly in the car because she repeats everything she hears and I've got to watch the language."