Crack A Bottle, the comeback single by rapper Eminem, has broken the record for the most digital downloads in its first week.

The song was downloaded more than 418,000 times in its first week, beating the previous record of 367,000, set by TI and Rihanna's Live Your Life.

Also featuring Eminem's mentor Dr Dre and his protégé 50 Cent, the song debuted at number four in the UK singles chart at the weekend. It also unseated Kelly Clarkson from the top of the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in the US.

Crack A Bottle is both Eminem and Dr Dre's second Billboard number one while 50 Cent tops the US chart for the fourth time.

The track is also now the third best-selling download single in the US, behind Lady GaGa's Just Dance (419,000) and Flo Rida's Low (467,000).

Eminem's new album Relapse, his first in five years, is expected to be released later this year.

13/02/2009 01:01:01