Rapper Eminem has further fuelled his war of words with the bosses of hip-hop magazine THE SOURCE after verbally attacking a co-owner in a Detroit, Michigan, radio station showdown.

Enraged by comments DAVID MAYS made during a live interview on WDTJ-FM, Eminem and a posse of 10 stormed the station on Tuesday night (11JAN05) for a face-to-face showdown.

Music website MTV.COM reports the off-air verbal confrontation was non-violent, but station staff report it was "loud and nasty".

The long-running battle between Eminem and The Source reached a new level last year (04) when magazine head BENZINO exposed his arch-rival's racist past with a track he recorded about a broken romance when he was an angry teenager.

Eminem has since apologised for his lyrics on the lost track, and has filed a lawsuit against the magazine's bosses, claiming they released the track without his permission.

Mays, who admits he was "shocked" to see Eminem "in the flesh" now hopes the radio station confrontation will lead to a proper debate between the rapper and The Source.

He says, "My attorneys are sending correspondence to his attorneys relating to this thing, as well as the ongoing lawsuit.

"We need to have a real discussion. People in business, men, human beings, resolve differences. These people can't come to the table and discuss issues."

13/01/2005 21:29