Eminem has blasted those at the centre of Monday night's (15NOV04) VIBE MUSIC AWARDS violence, and called for a blanket truce in the hip-hop world.

The rapper admits he was "disgusted" by what he saw on late night news bulletins when the Santa Monica, California, ceremony turned into a huge fight involving his mentor Dr Dre and pal 50 CENT.

And he explains it's that level of violence in the hip-hop world which inspired him to write TOY SOLDIERS on his new album Encore.

Speaking on yesterday's (16NOV04) TOTAL REQUEST LIVE on MTV, Eminem said, "The whole concept behind Toy Soldiers was to put an end to basically what we saw last night, which disgusted me.

"It's like when LL (COOL J) and Kool Moe Dee were feuding, it didn't have to come to this. This was stupid. Before it comes to this, let's stop it right now in hip-hop."

17/11/2004 02:37