LATEST: Hip-hop star Eminem has assured fans his D-12 bandmate BIZARRE is fine, after their close friend PROOF was murdered in a Detroit, Michigan nightclub yesterday (11APR06). The 32-year-old - real name DESHAUN HOLTON - was shot at illegal nightspot CCC on the city's infamous Eight Mile Road and was pronounced dead on arrival at Conner Creek Medical Center. Reports at the time suggested Proof's D-12 ally Bizarre was caught in the crossfire, but Eminem insists he wasn't even in the vicinity of the incident. The second victim of the shooting has been identified as KEITH BENDER, 35. He is currently in hospital in a critical condition. On his website, Eminem writes, "RIP Proof. Arrangements for fan remembrances are being planned, the details will be posted on Proof's official site "Contrary to earlier rumours and reports, D-12 member Bizarre was not involved in the incident in Detroit last night. He was at home in Atlanta, Georgia." Since the news broke yesterday, fans have been flocking to Proof's MySpace blog to post messages of remembrance. Proof leaves behind his wife and five children.