Hip-hop star EMINEM's music has earned him a new title - honorary priest of anti-violence UFO cult, The Raelian Movement.

The rapper's latest track MOSH, which denounces war in Iraq and American President George W Bush, has won praise from the group's founder RAEL, formerly known as CLAUDE VORILHON.

In a statement Rael says of the video, "This is wonderful. It will help reach millions of young people, who are otherwise uninterested by politics because they see the lies and hypocrisy coming from Washington, remember the truth about violence.

"This video wisely illustrates the effectiveness of 'fear campaigns' whether imposed locally or nationally, and shows that fear campaigns make people do anything a government tells them to. Fear is the basis of racism and violence and governments know how to capitalise on this very well.

"Rappers are never afraid of controversy and this is a great example of freedom of speech, which, if the Bush administration has its way with the Patriot acts, will be taken away from US citizens.

Additionally, it would be wise for the American population to realise the stunning similarities in the current US atmosphere of blind patriotism and the beginnings of Nazi Germany."

Rael founded the controversial movement - whose followers believe they're descendants of aliens - in 1973, after he claimed to have had a UFO encounter.

01/12/2004 03:17]