Eminem and Royce Da 5.9" have topped the Billboard album chart.

The pair flew straight to the top slot in the US with their Bad Meets Evil EP, 'Hell: The Sequel' selling a staggering 171,000 copies in its first week of release, much to the astonishment of the less-established artist.

Royce told MTV News: "You know I ain't never sold no records. I knew it had the potential. I just really was more focused on the whole 'critically acclaimed' thing, and I think we achieved that. I'm only hearing good things about how people feel about the album."

Royce and Eminem will next release 'Lighters' - which also features Bruno Mars - from the EP as a single and are expecting even bigger things.

Royce added: "I definitely think that 'Lighters' is gonna be the record that is gonna carry the sales into something even bigger than what the first week was. Because of a record like 'Lighters' and what it's doing on radio right now, the first-week sales aren't even an indicator of where we're going to end up after we close up with this project."