Eminem and Dido have been locked in a four-year battle over money following their collaboration on the international chart-topping hit STAN.

Dido, 32, is in negotiations with the bad boy rapper, 31, to pay her $1.8 million (GBP1 million) for her work on the track backing in 2000 - which has caused a rift between the former pals.

A source tells British magazine HEAT, "Stan was a massive hit and Dido wants to be paid for the part she played in it all.

"Eminem is in discussions with her, but it's only fair that she's paid for her work and efforts.

"These are difficult times for them both as they are good friends and money issues always cause problems.

"Who's to say that in a year's time they won't be enjoying a drink together."

The British singer - real name FLORIAN CLOUD DE BOUNEVIALLE ARMSTRONG - sold more than 12 millions copies worldwide of her debut album NO ANGEL after Eminem sampled one of the album's tracks - THANK YOU - for his single Stan.

22/06/2004 17:32