Badboy hip-hop superstar Eminem is a workaholic who's always creating new material.

The singer - who won a musical OSCAR earlier this year (03) with songwriters LUIS RESTO and Jeff Bass for LOSE YOURSELF - works every day when at home in Detroit, either on his own songs or for artists on his label SHADY RECORDS.

Luis says, "He and I work together every day. We're writing for artists on Shady Records: Obie Trice and D12 and after that, it will be Eminem again.

"A lot of the time we're writing for all three projects. You go in and you're jamming, doing music, and it gets spread here and there.

"Some stuff goes to Em, some to Obie and some to other artists. We sit down and write and we parcel it out."

But don't expect a new Eminem record too soon - a spokesman for INTERSCOPE RECORDS says his next album will not be released until 2004.

07/07/2003 17:09