LATEST: Rap collective D12's claims Australian immigration officials forced them to undergo behavioural lessons ahead of a gig have been rejected by the Department of Immigration.

The MY BAND hitmakers were stopped and lectured by officials before they entered the country, amid concerns their onstage behaviour would be a bad influence on young Australians.

Hip-hop star Eminem accused the Federal Government of taking Australia back to the dark ages by reading the riot act to his crew members, but the immigration department insisted it is a standard procedure to ensure anyone entering the country on an entertainment visa meets appropriate standards of behaviour.

A spokesman for the Department of Immigration explains, "Entertainment visa applicants are considered against the requirement of the migration act which includes an assessment of their ability to meet character requirements.

"In some cases the department may discuss appropriate standards of behaviour for the person visiting the country based on expectations of the Australian community."

14/12/2004 14:03