Controversial rapper Eminem's Manhattan Federal Court case with THE SOURCE magazine neared its conclusion yesterday (16MAR05) with both sides claiming victory.

The STAN star sued for copyright infringement after the hip-hop publication printed lyrics recorded by a then angst-ridden teenage Eminem in which he labelled black girls "dumb".

The 32-year-old's lawyer DONALD DAVID says, "There is nothing left to win. The judge already decided we have the copyright, and he awarded us $131,000 in sanctions. So the case has no purpose anymore."

The Source co-owner DAVID MAYS also left the court in triumphant mood: "They want this withdrawal so they can avoid the public embarrassment of having Eminem on trial in New York."

Mays contends the fate of the lawsuit will be decided next week (21MAR05) when Judge GERARD LYNCH rules whether the case has been withdrawn "with prejudice". The magazine would then be free to publish Eminem's lyrics.

He adds, "We have been vindicated whichever way it goes."

17/03/2005 14:00