Eminem almost missed out on becoming a rap superstar - because he was white. According to writer RONIN RO's new book, Dr Dre: THE BIOGRAPHY, the heavyweight producer was stunned when he first realised his new protege was white. Ro claims Dr Dre was sure Eminem was black after hearing his demo tapes, and couldn't believe his eyes when the STAN star showed up white and blond. Dr Dre allegedly joked, "I thought he was (cartoon character) Tweety Bird." And even when the pair formed one of rap's most powerful duos, Dre was urged to forget about his plans to record with Eminem, according to the book. Ro claims music industry bigwigs tried to talk Dre out of the decision to sign Eminem. He claims one music mogul said, "Look, this guy is blond with blue eyes. What are you doing?" But Dr Dre insists Ro's book is not for real. A spokesman says, "It's an uninformed, speculative piece of nonsense."