Eminem's arch-enemy RAYMOND 'BENZINO' SCOTT has been named in a sexual harassment lawsuit just days after announcing he is stepping down as editor-in-chief of hip-hop magazine THE SOURCE.

Scott, who launched a war of words with Eminem after broadcasting a lost track which featured the Detroit, Michigan rapper sounding off about black people, has been sued by former female magazine executives KIMBERLY OSORIO (corr) and MICHELLE JOYCE.

Also named in the suit is Chief Executive Officer DAVID MAYS, who co-owns The Source with Scott.

The lawsuit accuses both men of committing gender discrimination, sexual harassment and unlawful retaliation against women. The suit was filed on behalf of all current and former female employees of the magazine.

The suit also states that Scott frequently hired unqualified friends and family members instead of qualified women.

It also claims that Mays and Scott subjected female employees to degrading acts of sexual harassment.

The alleged abuse was so widespread that many female employees hid in their offices to avoid being sexually harassed, according to the lawsuit.

In a statement released this morning (11APR05), Osorio says, "After dedicating five years to The Source, I could no longer endure the blatant gender discrimination and harassment, so I spoke up."

In response to the lawsuit, a spokesman for The Source fires back, "Neither of those women ever filed any complaints during many years of working at The Source. It raises a lot of questions when these types of charges are made subsequent to valid and legitimate terminations of their employment... We look forward to our day in court on this matter."

11/04/2005 21:39