Eminem has patched up his differences with childhood sweetheart Kim Mathers and are engaged again - according to rapper Akon. Akon, who teamed up with the STAN star on hit song SMACK THAT, says the couple may have their differences but can't live without each other. He says, "Eminem still loves Kim. They have one of those relationships where they are off one minute and back together the next. "He can't live with her, and he can't live without her. But they are meant for each other. They are engaged again." Eminem, real name MARSHALL MATHERS, and Kim have already been married and divorced twice to each other during their twenty year relationship. They have a daughter HAILIE 11. Only recently Kim blasted the rapper on his constant cheating during their time together, claiming there is no hope for a reconciliation, fuming, "I'm done."