Hip hop mogul PRINCE J has personally okayed a war of words between rappers on his record label and Eminem protege 50 CENT.

The larger-than-life MC, who runs RAP-A-LOT records, believes IN DA CLUB rapper 50 Cent is a "snitch", and that he instigated an FBI probe into rivals' business affairs.

Prince J explains, "It just happened my boy Z-TO was in the studio and started talking about 50 Cent's snitching activities. Being who I am, I can't protect snitches - so I gave him the green light and on his verse, he went off on him.

"We were talking about bitches and snitches and it just so happens that 50 Cent fell between both pieces of bread - the bitch and snitch. He couldn't be exempt.

"Any man who gets on BET saying a man's company was started with drug money and two weeks later the FBI starts infiltrating their camp... He's the most famous snitch I've ever seen in my life."

11/07/2003 19:18