LATEST: 50 CENT insists his mentor Eminem will bounce back despite the recent death of best friend PROOF, and his impending second divorce from his wife KIM. The Candy Shop rapper recently attended the wake for slain rapper Proof, real name DESHAUN HOLTON, who was gunned down earlier this month (11APR06) at a nightclub Detroit nightclub. He says, "He's coming along. He's gonna be all right. I mean, it was definitely a big loss for him. "Proof was actually his best friend in the world from forever." The rapper insists that the sometimes violent lyrics in hip-hop music did not play a role in Proof's murder. He adds, "I think that the violence that happened to Proof and the violence that's happening across America right now has nothing to do with hip-hop. "It has something to do with the people - the state of them - and the music doesn't alter that."