British actress Emily Watson was so impressed with the "lovely" script of new movie MISS POTTER she felt compelled to interrupt a planned career break. After giving birth to her daughter JULIET in November 2005, the Gosford Park star was determined to take a rest from the stresses of the acting world and settle down into family life. However, she was tempted away from domestic bliss by the prospect of working with Babe director Chris Noonan on the new film about the life of children's author BEATRIX POTTER. She recalls, "I'd just had my first child, she was only a few months old and I said, 'You must be joking. Go away! I'm not leaving the house.' "(But) I read the script and thought, 'Gosh, this is lovely', so I managed to get out of my dressing gown for a few days' filming. "Babe was completely charming, with a lightness of touch, a wit and self-knowledge that is missing from the Disney equivalent, and I just knew that Miss Potter would have the same light, quirky feel to it."