DIXIE CHICKS sisters MARTIE MAGUIRE and Emily Robison have dedicated the title track from their hit new album TAKING THE LONG WAY to the "miracle" of in vitro fertilisation because both became mums thanks to technology. The siblings have given birth to five kids between them and are huge supporters of in vitro fertilisation. And, since going through their own private battles to become mothers, Robison and Maguire have learned that lots of their friends are also seeking fertility help to become parents. Maguire says, "Emily and I both did the in vitro process to have our children. It was expensive, painful - a little roller coaster. "It's tough. As a woman, you think it's a given that when you're ready you're gonna pop out a few puppies." Robison adds, "I don't know that we'd have written a song if it didn't seem so pervasive between our friends and our family. "Probably 50 per cent of the people I'm friends with are going through one sort of fertility (treatment) or another."