Emily Ratajkowski would ''love'' to land some more acting roles.

The 27-year-old model may have made a name for herself after she appeared in Robin Thicke's music video for 'Blurred Lines' and she has since gone on to walk the runway for the likes of Marc Jacobs and acted alongside Ben Affleck in 'Gone Girl'.

But, although a lot of focus seems to be on her modelling career at the moment, the brunette beauty is desperate to bag some more leading parts in big blockbusters.

Speaking to Pop Sugar, she said: ''I've realised I really love being creative. That's what makes me happy. Whether it's acting and working on projects like that or building a business -- which I am with my swimwear [Inamorata Swim] and designing that, which is actually much more creative than I would have thought, just as far as hiring people -- or strategies. I see myself moving in more of those avenues.

''I would love for more acting, and the biggest struggle at this moment is finding projects that really speak to me and that I really feel excited about. Movies are in a weird place in general right now. People don't go to the movies like they used to. Studios are strange. I feel that there is some female narrative, but a lot of them aren't actually true stories about women. They're just man stories with a woman in it.

''I think finding the right projects that really get me excited. And I don't mean the big studio movies with this director or that director, but things that are fun. It's a group project, basically. I want to find good groups to make stuff with.''

Emily - who is a self-identified feminist - is an advocate for women's health issues and is a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood, but she is adamant she'd never describe herself as an ''activist'' because today's society has made that impossible.

She explained: ''There was a moment when Trump got elected where I was gutted. I felt like: 'Well, nothing matters. I don't even know where to go.'

''What I've realised is that there are causes that I feel especially strong about. I struggle with the word 'activist' because I just don't know how to be an activist anymore in this climate. It's really difficult when one person in the population has so much power. But for me, it's mostly about women's issues, rights, equality -- but even just the things we're talking about right now. I also feel really strongly about Black Lives Matter. So those are really the two things.

''It's just hard, though, because it's not like I don't care about the environment, for example. I just don't want to be one of those people who throws myself behind whatever concept feels right. I want to talk about things and think about real, fundamental changes rather than just: 'Let's raise some money for this issue.' ''