Emily Ratajkowski ''struggles'' with her self-image.

The 'We Are Your Friends' star admits that, like everyone else, she worries about what people think of her at times but says ''every day is a different day'' for her.

She said: ''Truth is, we're all completely struggling with our self-image and worrying about what people think of us. Every day is a different day for me. Some days, it's like I am the absolute best; I cannot believe I exist on this planet. Then other days, you really don't want to leave the house.''

And the 26-year-old model and actress hates when people assume she's not smart just because she is a model.

She added to USA Today: ''There was definitely a period where it made me feel bad about myself, as crazy as that sounds, and it made me kind of mad. But I'm able to laugh about it now ... Maybe the first 10 profiles ever written about me were like, 'I met her and she knew about politics and had read a book before.' It's like, 'Damn, what did you expect? Why did you chalk me up to so little initially?'''

Meanwhile, Emily previously admitted she used to find fashion ''very intimidating''.

She said: ''Fashion was very intimidating to me at first, but now I'm like, 'Let's have fun with this.' I always try to balance feminine pieces with things that are interesting and masculine ... I will forever be the most comfortable in a suit with literally nothing underneath it. I never really feel sexy in a pair of tight jeans and a tight top, you know? Boyish, oversize pieces are sometimes the sexiest.''