Emily Ratajkowski feels ''most comfortable'' nude.

The 26-year-old actress has opened up about the intimate details people might not know about her, revealing that not wearing clothes makes her feel at ease.

Appearing in DKNY's new Valentine's Day (14.02.18) campaign, in which she flaunts her enviable assets, the brunette beauty explained: ''Underneath it all I like to follow my own rules - I've been known to like a French fry.

''I like to make my own choices. I live life on my own terms ... I feel the most comfortable naked at home - are you surprised by that?''

Emily also admitted she's ''secretly romantic'', but that she's really bad at texting people back.

Revealing her other secrets, Emily said: ''I don't hold back. I don't take any s**t - neither should you. I'm extremely persistent.

''I'm a really terrible singer. It's OK not to fit into someone else's box. I'm my own superhero - you are too.

''We are all capable of way more than we realise.

''I'm complicated ... secretly romantic ... vulnerable ... bad texter ... never get back to anyone ... real ... silly.

''Underneath it all, I'm just me.''

Meanwhile, Emily previously admitted people struggle to understand that she can be sexy and smart at the same time.

The 'Gone Girl' star said people are often surprised when they discover she's also politically aware and intelligent, adding that their preconceptions are ''sexist''.

She said: ''In every profile written about me, there is, 'She's so sexual and she's such a sex symbol,' paired with, 'But, wow, she knows about politics.' And that in itself is sexist. Why does it have to be one or the other?''