Emily Ratajkowski gets ''camera shy''.

The 'We Are You Friends' star may have starred in a number of Hollywood movies and modelled for some of the biggest brands but she admits she gets ''super embarrassed and nervous'' in front of the camera when her family and friends are around as it's ''so much more intimate''.

She said: ''When I'm acting, it's a character, and when it's modeling, it's a fantasy world. Even when I'm taking pictures for my Instagram, that's a specific second of a world; that's not reality. Sometimes, when my friends take a picture of me on vacation, or I'm with my husband, I feel camera shy. When my husband pulls out the camera, I get super embarrassed and nervous, because it's so much more intimate and honest and really us.''

And the 26-year-old model has many strings to her bow and feels most empowered by managing her career and being a businesswoman too.

Asked when she feels most empowered, she added: ''It happens in all kinds of moments. I'm definitely a businesswoman; I have my own swimwear company, Inamorata, and I also have film deals ... managing all those things can make me feel super empowered. But honestly, just putting on a great pair of shoes that I love, and going out to dinner with good friends - having a great night, feeling comfortable in my own skin - can be just as empowering.''

And Emily - who is married to actor Sebastian Bear-McClard - has praised her mother for teaching her to be both emotional and powerful.

She told Fashion Week Daily: ''A lot of the things I feel about women and sexuality - ownership over your body, not feeling the weight of worrying too much about what that all means and enjoying it - comes from what she taught me when I was younger. That's huge. She's very expressive and emotional, but she's powerful, and I love that. I try to strike that balance in my own life, too.''