The 24-year-old beauty shot to fame wearing a nude thong and red lipstick in Robin Thicke’s hit music video Blurred Lines in 2013. Since then she has landed several high-profile modelling and movie roles, and become renowned for posting revealing selfies on her popular Instagram account. Emily is happy to flaunt her body and embrace her sexuality – and doesn’t understand why this would affect her stance on feminist issues.

“We’re existing in a patriarchal society, yes, and the standards of beauty are a response to that,” she said in an interview with WWD. “That doesn’t mean I need to act outside of it, I can act within it to make a point. For example, I wear makeup but that doesn’t mean I’m not a feminist. I may wear make-up that enhances my features (and) that plays into the standard of beauty that has been set up by a patriarchal society but I’m living within it. I’m not wearing the makeup to please men, I’m wearing it to please myself.

“I also am not growing out my armpit hair in protest of patriarchy. I wear a bra. Those are things that I don’t feel I need to reject to make a statement about my sexuality.”

Emily added fuel to her critics’ fire last month (Mar16), when she showed her support for Kim Kardashian’s nude shot by posting a topless selfie of the pair.

The brunette insists she is comfortable in her own skin and is eager to use her Instagram account to promote women’s issues - so she finds it puzzling that people are so quick to condemn her.

“My response to people saying I post oversexualised images is that it’s my choice and there’s an ownership and empowerment through them,” Emily explained. “When I take nude photographs, I’m not there for the boys. It’s about owning my sexuality and celebrating it. And it’s my choice and there has to be room for that in our culture and in our world.”

Emily admits her love of sexy selfies has led to her being offered predominately “dumb hot girl” roles in films. While it has been tempting to consider appearing in a potential blockbuster, she is keen to stay true to herself and not rely just on her stunning looks.