Emily Ratajkowski used to find fashion ''very intimidating''.

The 26-year-old model and actress has admitted she used to be fearful of wearing certain garments, but she has since changed her ways and Emily now enjoys experimenting with various trends and clothes by balancing ''feminine pieces'' with a masculine item.

Speaking in an interview with InStyle.com carried out by Sistine Stallone, the 'Gone Girl' star said: ''Fashion was very intimidating to me at first, but now I'm like, 'Let's have fun with this.' I always try to balance feminine pieces with things that are interesting and masculine.''

And the brunette beauty has revealed she will ''forever'' feel her ''most comfortable'' when she dons a suit with ''literally nothing underneath''.

She explained: ''I will forever be the most comfortable in a suit with literally nothing underneath it. I never really feel sexy in a pair of tight jeans and a tight top, you know? Boyish, oversize pieces are sometimes the sexiest.''

Emily has revealed she has a ''full on boot problem'', and she has no qualms about splashing out on footwear no matter how big the price tag is.

She said: ''Boots are my thing too! I have a full-on boot problem. The hunt for the perfect one is my lifelong mission, I feel.

''[Emily owns] probably like 10 pairs of just plain black ones [boots] even though it's so warm in L.A. and I don't really need any. But the one thing I will never feel bad about spending money on is a good pair of shoes. Whether they're from a thrift store for $10 or they're $900, I always know I'll wear them.''

And Emily is currently a fan of red footwear because it makes her feel French, which is something she ''constantly'' strives to achieve.

She said: ''They make me feel like I'm French, and I'm constantly trying to be as French as possible. That look combines three of my favourite things: boots, the colour red, and looking French. Red is a good colour for both of us actually. We have similar olive skin tones.

''Well, colour is something that has evolved for me too. My mom was a bit more old school, and when I was younger she taught me not to wear white in the winter and not to mix navy blue and black. With jewellery, I used to never wear both silver and gold. Now it's completely different. Those rules don't apply.''