Emily Ratajkowski believes there's ''nothing better'' than a black trench coat.

The 25-year-old actress and model has revealed her favourite wardrobe item is a ''sophisticated'' raincoat cover-up because she can wear it on its own as a dress as well as a jacket layered over other garments.

Speaking about her style favourites to PEOPLE, the brunette beauty said: ''Nothing better than a sophisticated black trench coat! I love that you can also wear it as a dress.''

And the 'Gone Girl' star - who starred alongside Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike in the 2014 mystery drama - is also a fan of wearing ''pyjama looks'' as they are ''effortless and cool''.

She added: ''Pyjama looks are really in right now. I love how effortless and cool this is! And you can wear it together or as separates.''

Emily - who is also known for appearing nude in Robin Thicke and Pharrell William's 'Blurred Lines' music video in 2013 - thinks a plain white dress is essential for the Spring and Summer months.

She explained: ''A white dress is a must for Spring.''

Although Emily likes simplistic styles and has admitted she used to be ''very anti-conformist'' when she was younger, she enjoyed changing her aesthetic and dying her hair bleach blonde for her role in the Netflix show 'Easy' because she was never allowed to undergo a dramatic transformation when she was modelling.

Speaking previously, she said: ''I think with my [modelling] job I could never do that, but I was going to art school at UCLA before I started doing this full-time and I think of myself as someone who maybe would have been very anti-conformist beauty-wise, so it was fun to play that type.''

When it comes to her own style icons, Emily looks to the likes of Patti Smith, Bianca Jagger, Naomi Wolf and Gloria Steinem.

She explained: ''Women who are tough and cool and have a lot to say including their style and personal aesthetic.''