Actress Emily Mortimer is holding a bedside vigil for her ailing writer father SIR JOHN MORTIMER after he was admitted to a London hospital earlier this month (Aug08).
The Match Point star, 36, flew back to her native Britain from her New York home when she heard her dad had been taken sick.
He was checked into the Princess Grace Hospital with an unspecified illness and Mortimer is praying his health will soon improve.
She says, "Dad's not been well.
"He's only just managing, really. We took him on a family trip to Italy earlier this summer but there were all these babies around which added to the stress. He didn't cope well at all.
"(But) he is better than he was and that's all we can hope for. We just want him to stay around for as long as humanly possible."
Mortimer is currently planning to get work in and around London over the next few months so she can stay close to her beloved dad.
And she reveals she is keen to have more children with husband Alessandro Nivola - and hopes her father will be around to share their baby joy.
She adds, "I definitely want more children and it would be nice if he could be around to see them."