British actress Emily Mortimer refused to use her family connections to gain recognition - even though it held back her career.

The ABOUT ADAM star, 33, acknowledges the initial interest in her career stemmed from her being the daughter of respected writer John Mortimer rather than her big screen talent.

But instead of courting the early attention, she decided to rebel against it.

She says, "Sometimes, especially at the beginning, it felt like I wasn't being interviewed for quite the right reasons.

"I was being interviewed because of my dad, and I didn't want to buy into that. I just refused to sit there and say, 'This is great, and I'm great in it,' when it wasn't true, and they knew it as much as I did.

"It stuck in my throat. It was a kind of rebellion, and it was my roundabout, screwed-up way of standing up to that without telling everybody to f**k off."

16/01/2005 20:52