The Hunger Games star's first wife Kate died after a battle with breast cancer in 2009, and he struck up a romance with Felicity after meeting the literary agent at the wedding of her sister, actress Emily Blunt, in 2010.

He proposed to Felicity while on vacation in Berlin, Germany in 2011 but admits he was worried about the consequences of his decision, saying, "I panicked instantly afterwards."

Tucci tells Britain's The Times newspaper, "It was very hard to go on vacations at first, really hard to go with Felicity some place. I felt guilty. It's horrible... You always feel guilty."

Tucci also confessed he feared jealousy could be an issue in their relationship, adding, "There are photographs (of Kate) around at home... Not that many, but I would have difficulty. And especially when we first met it was only two years after Kate died."

Tucci has three children from his marriage to Kate, and his first child with Felicity was born in January (15).