Emily Blunt's magical bath tub stunt in 'Mary Poppins Returns' was filmed without CGI.

A new video by Disney, which has gone viral online, has revealed that the part where the 35-year-old actress' titular alter-ego falls backwards into the bubbles was actually done with her being safely caught by the crew underneath the tub, meaning there was no need for any computer graphics wizardry.

In the behind-the-scenes clip, someone commented: ''It takes a lot of courage to do something like that.''

The 'A Quiet Place' star recently explained how she carried out the scene and how it was important to ''build practical sets''.

She said: ''Everyone involved was very insistent that as much as possible we would build practical sets that we could very much interact with.

''And so what they did with the bath, which the kids thought was the best thing ever, was that they actually carved a hole in the bottom of the bath and had a slide which went under the stage.''

Blunt was joined in the bath by the Banks children, Georgie and Anabel, played by Joel Dawson and Pixie Davies respectively, in the mesmerising scene and revealed it took the youngsters several more takes to perfect.

She added: ''But it was a drop - I'm going to tell you - it was fast and steep, and then they filled up the bath with bubbles.

''The kids did it twenty times and I did it twice.''

Meanwhile, Emily looks set to play the practically perfect nanny again.

Director Rob Marshall has said another movie based on the books by P.L. Travers is in the ''early stages''.

He said: ''It is early stages, but I will say right now that there were eight books, so there's a lot of great material still to mine.

''That's what we worked from, those incredible eight books of P.L. Travers. So, you know...''

Due to there being so many novels in the series, Marshall has hinted there could be multiple films to come, which could see the franchise go on for as long as the 'Star Wars' and James Bond series.

He added: ''Listen, how many 'Star Wars' films have there been, you know what I mean? Or James Bond films.

''If there's a great character and story to tell, why not?''

Producer John DeLuca said: ''Emily does light up when she speaks to me about it. And if the people want it, I think it will happen.''