The Five Year Engagement opens this weekend but it looks as though Judd Apatow's reign of critically-lauded comedies may have come to an end. Starring Emily Blunt and Jason Segel, the movie tells the tale of an engaged couple struggling to overcome their differences and settle into actually getting married. The film had its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, where Reuters reported that it brought "some crowd-pleasing laughs and red carpet glamour to the event." More recent reviews, though, suggest that the movie may not turn out to be as successful as Apatow's previous comedic ventures, such as The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up.
The Atlantic began their review of the movie with the damning headline "What a Bad Judd Apatow Movie Looks Like" and proceeded to dissect the film and the disappointment that ensued. The message of the story seems to have been lost somewhere along the way, asking whether it's "a screed on the dangers of moving to Middle America? A warning against making sacrifices for your significant other? It's not really clear." They surmise that this latest effort from Apatow (with the Muppets' writing team of Segel and Nicholas Stoller on board) "is just an overly long look at someone else's relationship, with a few crude jokes to break up the boredom."
CNN were also critical of the movie, claiming that it is "no different from other rom-coms." For them, Emily Blunt does her best to carry the film, though Segel's lumpen acting style does not go down well. Again, issue is taken with the script: "The movie occasionally throws up scenes or situations adults might recognize from their own attempts to reconcile romance and professional fulfillment, but no more than you might find in an average sitcom." It's not looking good for the Five Year Engagement, in a week where movie go-ers in the Usa seem to be waiting impatiently for the release of Avengers: Assemble. With the reviews such as these, it's unlikely that the Five Year Engagement will be the way that movie fans choose to pass the time until then.