Emily Blunt thought she would ''die'' when she had to fly as Mary Poppins.

The 35-year-old actress portrays the magical nanny in the upcoming 'Mary Poppins Returns' and she admitted an iconic scene featuring her using her umbrella to fly was very scary to film because she's afraid of heights - but it was still an ''incredible'' moment.

Asked what went through her mind when she first got to fly, she told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''Whether I thought I was going to die. ... Fifty feet in the air, yeah.

''I'm not amazing with heights and it was one of those things where they kind of [get] you up there and there's the moment before they bring you down for the shot, and it seems like that moment extends for a forever time frame.

''You're so high that if you look out you're higher than the trees and you look down. ... But it was an incredible moment, you know. Very disarming.''

The British actress stars with Lin-Manuel Miranda in the movie and she was in awe of the 'Hamilton' creator.

She said: ''Awesome. So talented. So cool.''

Emily - who has daughters Hazel, four, and Violet, 21 months, with husband John Krasinski - previously admitted she was ''intimidated'' by a huge dance routine she had to perform in the upcoming movie.

She said: ''There's a huge dance number, which was slightly intimidating for me.

I think I did all right. I mean, we did it 55,000 times, so I hope they got something.''

Emily recently admitted she's unsure her older daughter will be impressed by her turn as Mary Poppins because she's so ''in love'' with Dame Julie Andrews in the original 1964 movie.

She said: ''I have a deep dread she is simply going to reject my version. [I'm scared she'll] be, like, 'You are not Mary Poppins', because she is so in love with Julie Andrews and she knows every single song.''