Emily Blunt loves working with Meryl Streep.

The pair starred alongside each other in the 2006 hit 'The Devil Wears Prada' and have reunited for 'Into The Woods', and Emily has revealed she thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The 31-year-old actress reflected: ''I feel like Meryl walks through life in a constant state of needing to diffuse people's intimidation of her. A weird way to exist. Maybe it helped that at least she didn't have to worry about me.

''It doesn't mean I'm any less in awe of her.''

Emily - who gave birth to her daughter Hazel in 2014 - says 'Into The Woods' is a little darker than the typical Disney film and she thinks it's important children are not overprotected.

She told The Guardian newspaper: ''Chris Pine [who plays the prince in the movie] was telling me that most schools in America only do the first act of the play, where everything is happy ever after. And it's just sad that we're choosing to coddle our children that way, because no one's more perceptive than a child.''

Emily added: ''Nobody goes through life unscathed. If you want to fairytale the s*** out of everything, you're doing everyone a disservice.''